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21 April 2014
About Us

About Voyager Alliance

Voyager Alliance Credit Union is a not for profit organisation, offering financial services to the  transport industry in England and Wales. Membership is open to transport employees in England, Scotland and Wales and their family members who live in the same household.

A Brief History

Alliance Credit Union was founded in 1984 and Voyager Credit Union was founded in 1992. The two Credit Unions merged in September 2006 to become Voyager Alliance Credit Union.

In 2008 Wayfarer Credit Union based at Manchester Airport also merged with Voyager Alliance to form the Credit Union we have today.

Version 2 Status was granted on 25th July 2003. Voyager Alliance Credit Union was the first to be granted this permission under the Financial Services Authority’s regime. This allows us to offer larger loans and additional savings products.

Voyager Alliance Credit Union is the largest Credit Union in England and Wales serving the Passenger Transport Industry.

The head office is located in Manchester, we also have offices in Liverpool and at Manchester Airport. Additionally we have 135 volunteer representatives at work places throughout the country.


Mission Statement

Voyager Alliance Credit Union aims to provide financial services that meet the needs and expectations of our members, with integrity, and in a caring and professional manner to improve the financial well being of our members.



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