10 Tips to Master Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are 2 of the biggest shopping events of the year, with thousands of shoppers starting their Christmas shopping and securing items on their Wishlist, both online and on the high street.

Are you hoping to bag a bargain in the sales this year? Our top 10 tips to master Black Friday weekend will help you steer clear of bogus ads and stay on budget!

1) Research the products you want before hand

During the build up to Christmas, shoppers battle over items which they wouldn’t usually be interested in buying – it is no use bagging a bargain if the product is no good to you!

Doing your research could save you money. Which have tested thousands of products to help you find the best product for you which suits your budget.

2) Are multiple retailers selling the same products

The Black Friday rush can cause websites to crash due to the number of people trying to grab a bargain. Making a list of the retailers selling your desired purchase can help you avoid disappointment when the sales hit.

3) Create a Wishlist

Having a pre-created list of items you’ve got your eye on can make it easier to see when the prices drop this Black Friday. When our favourite retailers are flooded with eye-catching deals which seem too good to miss out on, a Wishlist can help you stay on track with what you actually want to buy!

Many shops and online stores will let you create a Wishlist and ‘save items’ so rather than trawling through every product on sale, you can simply click onto your list to see if anything you have your eye on is on offer.

4) Consider buying online and picking up later

Making a trip in town to face the Black Friday sales is enough to fill many of us with dread! Browsing deals online means you can compare different retailers at once and compare prices all with the click of a button!

Shops, like Argos, will hold your purchase for 7 days before you need to collect. This means you can shop from the comfort of your home and collect your purchase at a quieter time. You’ll save on delivery fees too!

5) Research the items price history

Did you know a whopping 98% of products in Black Friday sales, have been the same price or even cheaper in the previous 6 months?

Remember to check the price across multiple retailers to make sure you’re getting the best price too. There are useful tools which you can use to find out if the price you see in the sale is really as good as it seems.

6) Beware of unusual brands and fake ads

Have you found a great deal from a retailer you’ve never heard of? We’re not saying that every brand you’ve never heard of isn’t worth buying from, but we recommend researching the company and product before handing over your hard-earned cash.

7) Check techs lifecycle

If you’re shopping for tech, make sure you check the items’ lifecycle, so you know how much use you’ll get from your new purchase.

Tech giants selling smartphones, TVs and tablets, are usually released on a one-year cycle. This means you’ll only ever wait 1 year before a newer version is released. Many tech companies will be tempting you to buy the shiny latest release, but if you opt for a slightly older device, you could still get a lot of use from it and save money too!

8) Start shopping early

In recent years, many retailers have launched deals a week or two before Black Friday, and some deals even run through the whole of November. Starting to shop before Black Friday may help you bag your bargain and avoid the chaos online and in-store.

9) Check the returns policy

Not every store has a returns policy which can leave some shoppers stumped when looking for a refund! Don’t be caught out – check the retailers return policy before purchasing if you think there’s a chance you may need an exchange or refund on a purchase.

Many shops extend their returns policy during the run up to Christmas which can come in handy if you’re buying a gift!

10) Don’t forget Cyber Monday!

Historically, Black Friday was for heading into the town and hitting the high street, whereas Cyber Monday was for online deals. Now, many retailers have their Black Friday sales online too, but don’t ignore Cyber Monday! If you don’t bag a bargain on Black Friday, you can check your favourite retailers over the weekend and Monday too for even more deals!

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