Wedding loan

Multiplier Loan

Borrow up to 4 x your Membership Savings

Product information

You can now borrow a multiple of your Membership Savings up to £10,000 and pay as little as 10.9% APR*.

Once you decide on an amount you wish to borrow and compare this with your savings. You can apply for up to 4 times the amount held in your Membership Account. You then secure your Membership Savings against your loan until the balance is cleared. As you repay the loan you will also continue to build up your membership savings, meaning you will have a greater savings balance once the loan is cleared.

  • Great competitive rate that reduces with larger loan amounts
  • Free loan protection insurance (terms and conditions apply)
  • Interest is charged on your outstanding loan amount so will reduce with your decreasing balance
  • Continue to build your savings and earn a dividend whilst you repay your loan
  • No set up charges, early settlement charges or hidden fees