Meet Keisha

Tell us a little about your job

“I’ve been a bus driver in London for over 6 years. Originally it was to bring in some money for my family, but fell in love with my job and now Abellio is now an extension of my family. I can’t imagine working anywhere else! As a lead driver I love to support newer colleagues. It’s a fabulous job for me and my vivacious personality. You never know who you’re going to meet on the buses each day, but a smile, chat and banter goes a long way with our customers”.

How has Voyager Alliance helped you?

“Voyager Alliance has helped so much! I joined to save for my wedding, then after the wedding I wanted to pay off some of the remaining bills and clear the credit card so applied for a Voyager Alliance loan. The repayments come straight from my pay; I don’t miss the money because it doesn’t reach my bank account, I never miss a payment, and I’m improving my credit score.

“I have a 3-year-old daughter, and sometimes concerns for the future keep me up at night. Voyager Alliance’s free life cover [Bereavement Fund] puts my mind to rest, and I know my loved ones would have some support if I passed away. The greatest example you gave me was if I have £2,000 savings and I pass away, my family would receive £4,000 to relieve some financial pressure.”

Do you have any future plans?

“After living in London for 22 years, I dream of the white-sand beaches and clear oceans of the Caribbean and trip back home to Jamaica. Voyager Alliance is helping me get there! Saving small amounts each pay day means I can still afford to take her little girl out for treats, knowing I’m saving up to visit the most beautiful Caribbean Island.”

What would you say to someone who is considering joining Voyager Alliance?

“Voyager Alliance has been a lifesaver for people like me throughout my life… the highs and lows! I would really encourage everybody to join!”

Thank you, Keisha, for sharing your story!