5 Tips To Help You Bag A Bargain This Black Friday!

Looking to bag a bargain this Black Friday? We’ve pulled together some quick tips to help you secure all the items on your wish list and avoid some of the Black Friday chaos!

1. Start early and create a ‘Wish List’

In recent years, many retailers launch their deals a week or two before Black Friday, and some deals even run through the whole of November.

Creating a wish list of the items you want to buy helps you to monitor price drops for any items that you’re interested in. It also helps you to save time as it means you don’t have to search to find the products you’re interested in on the day. Many online retailers allow you to create wish lists making it easier to secure a deal!

Make sure to keep an eye on your wish list, as many deals are cheaper at different times in the year compared to Black Friday!

2. Research Products’ Price History

An investigation by Which? found that 86% of promotions were cheaper or the same price within 6 months of Black Friday and 98% were actually cheaper within the year! NONE were cheaper on Black Friday alone.

So be sure to use resources such as PriceRunner to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal.

3. Be Mindful of New Brands and Retailers

Many items included in Black Friday promotions are offered by brands you may never have heard of before, but do you know much about those brands? Before purchasing make sure you carry out the necessary research on any unfamiliar brands to make sure your trust the brank and ensure you’re purchasing a good quality product.

When purchasing online you may also come across retailers you’ve never heard of offering ‘amazing deals.’ Before purchasing from an unfamiliar retailer make sure you do some research to avoid being scammed!

Check user reviews for any item you are looking to purchase, these can usually be found on retailer websites. Sites such as Trustpilot and Trusted Reviews are also good places to check out the reliability of retailers and products.

For more advice on how to avoid being scammed online have a look here.

4. Consider Buying Online and Picking Up Later

Heading out to a store amid the Black Friday madness fills many of us with dread; don’t neglect the online stores. Visiting your favourite retailers websites means you can price compare easily and make sure you’re getting the right deal for you.

Some retailers such as Argos will then hold your product for seven days. This means you can order online and collect when the shops are quieter. It also means that you can save on delivery fees.

5. Remember Cyber Monday

If you don’t manage to secure items you were looking for on Black Friday, keep checking over the weekend. Many retailers, particularly those offering electronics, will still have discounts running over the weekend and into Cyber Monday.

Need a Hand?

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“Finding a good deal on Black Friday is like looking for a needle in a haystack”