6 ways to save money in 2023

Looking to save money this year? Check out our 6 ways to save money in 2023!

  • Make sure you’re not missing out on claimable benefits
    Are you 1 of the 7 million people missing out on £15 billion in unclaimed benefits? According to Money Saving Expert, households earning below £40,000 should take some time to check they’re not missing out.

    With the cost of living, it is more important than ever to know what you’re entitled to. The benefits check from MSE has seen families increase their monthly income by £500, all because they took 10 minutes double check they aren’t missing out on extra support.

    Try the 10-minute benefits calculator here

  • Stock up when you can and avoid ‘express’ supermarkets
    Bulk buying, buying in season and buying on sale are all ways to save money on your food shop. Tinned and dried food can be stored easily, whilst fresh foods can be batch cooked and popped in the freezer. Although stocking up might sound expensive, remember you won’t need to buy those items again for a while.

    Doing your ‘weekly shop’ at a big supermarket is often much cheaper than their express stores. In 2021, Which compared costs at Tesco Express and Sainsbury’s Local stores. Which found the average weekly difference added up to between £279 – £322.

  • Make your loyalty points go further
    If you’ve built up your Tesco Clubcard or Morrison’s More points, you might be better off putting them towards your next holiday. There are plenty of partner deals which will boost the value of your loyalty points.

    Tesco Clubcard vouchers often treble in value. If you’ve £10 in Clubcard vouchers, you could save £10 off of your shopping bill or you could get £30 off your next holiday with Hotels.com! Get more for your money!

  • Improve your homes insulation
    You could save £400 a year by fitting your own loft insulation! Around 60% of your home’s heat loss is through the walls and roof. Investing in good quality insultation can be very beneficial in lowering your energy bills. Depending on the size of your home, insulation costs around £1,000 but in many cases, insulating your loft yourself is easy and can save you money!

    Want to read more about energy-saving home investments? Check out our post here.

  • Check your car insurance
    We know comparison sites are a great way to save us some money on our car insurance. But did you know February was found to be the best time of year to renew? Which found car insurance policies varied as much as £50 depending on when you buy. Prices peaked in December, and fell between February and April.

  • Swap & Save with Voyager Alliance
    If you’ve got outstanding debts with one or more existing lenders, our Swap & Save Loan could save you money!

    Are you juggling multiple payments of credit cards, store cards, car finance and personal loans? You might want to think about swapping your borrowings from multiple different providers and consolidating them into just one regular payment with Voyager Alliance Credit Union!

    Combine your personal debts into:
  • One fixed regular payment
  • With one interest rate
  • With one clear end date
  • Remember we’ll do the legwork by paying your existing lenders directly

    Want to learn more about our Swap & Save Loan? Click here.

Need a helping hand?

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Tidy up your finances and save money in 2023!