Could you save over £3,000 on your dream holiday?

Are you dreaming of a late summer holiday with the family, and considering paying on a credit card? Have you just returned from a fantastic 2-week holiday in the sun and now the credit card bill is looming over you?

Let’s take a look at how much you can save with a Swap & Save Loan compared to paying through typical credit card payments and Buy Now, Pay Later schemes.

APR price comparison

Let’s compare the cost of this luxury, family friendly, holiday on the Dominican Republic’s east coast costing £9,332.80 for 4 people.

  • Voyager Alliance Swap & Save Loan – 16.9% APR fixed
  • Santander All in One Credit Card – 27.7& APR variable
  • HSBC Purchase Plus Credit Card – 23.9% APR variable
  • Virgin Money Credit Card – 23.9% APR variable

Above rates taken from Uswitch 2023

Swap & Save Loan

A £9,300 Voyager Alliance Swap & Save Loan, repaid over 36 months will cost £325.58 a month, total amount repaid £11,721.05, total interest £2,421,05 at just 16.9% APR.

Now let’s compare this to Santander’s All in One Credit Card at 27.7% variable.

Using Uswitch’s Credit Card Calculator and keeping monthly repayments at £325.58 a month (the same as Voyager Alliance’s Swap & Save Loan), total interest is £4,885 and this would take you over 3 and a half years to repay!

Some banks and building societies state “Your interest rate will be based on how you manage any accounts you have with us and on the credit information we hold about you”, so people with poor credit may pay even more!

Remember, at Voyager Alliance we use a fixed APR, so the rate you see is the rate you get! By choosing Voyager Alliance’s Swap & Save Loan, you could save yourself £2,463 in interest AND you’ll have cleared your loan 6 months quicker!

If you’re looking to reduce your monthly out-goings, our Swap & Save Loan could help tidy your finances and save you money!

Don’t let your credit card bill get you down! Learn more about our Swap & Save loan here!

Buy now, pay later

Many holiday providers allow you to pay monthly for your upcoming getaway, however repaying £9,300 over the average term of 12 months is going to leave you under increased financial pressure.

Repaying £9,300 over 12 months will set you back £775 – nearly 2.5x as much as a Voyager Alliance loan repayment!

Voyager Alliance have no application fees or hidden charges, with convenient and affordable repayments straight from your pay. There has never been a better time to borrow from Voyager Alliance!

Remember, Voyager Alliance is here to help tidy up your finances and save you money, by consolidating your existing borrowing into one manageable repayment at a much lower rate of interest!

Looking to borrow a different amount or over a different repayment period? No problem! Try out our handy loan calculator to see how much you could borrow and how much you would pay back.

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