Cracking Christmas Quiz Winners

Congratulations to our lucky Cracking Christmas Quiz winners, Angela, Claire and Robert! With almost 2,000 members entering December’s Cracking Christmas Quiz, and 3 winners, drawn at random, were very lucky!

Well done, Angela, who won the top prize of £100! Angela couldn’t believe it when we called her with the good news! Angela works at our payroll partner, Merseyrail, and joined Voyager Alliance in 2014. Since joining Voyager Alliance, Angela saves for a rainy day straight from her pay, and now with an extra £100 in her account, Angela is looking forward to buying herself a new pair of designer trainers, a treat which she didn’t expect to be able to buy so soon after Christmas!

Congratulations to Claire who lived near Loch Ness in Scotland, won one of the runner up £25 cash prizes! Claire was admiring the snow on the Scottish Highlands when we told her the news of her cash win. She was thrilled and is so happy to have some spare cash in her purse this time of year!

The second runner up was Robert from Sutton who also won £25, after entering the Cracking Christmas Quiz 3 days before Christmas, after reading our Members Update. Robert was thrilled when we got in touch about his win “we all need some extra cash in January don’t we? I’ve got a couple of birthdays in the next few weeks so this will really come in handy!” Congrats Robert, we hope you get to treat yourself to something nice with your prize.

Congratulations again to Angela, Claire and Robert, and a huge thank you to the 1000s of members who took part in our Cracking Christmas Quiz!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next competition!