Meeting Joe!

Owned by members and run for the benefit of members, our members are at the heart of everything we do. We love Meeting Members and sharing their stories, and here we meet loyal Voyager Alliance member, Joe from Liverpool.

Tell us a little about your job

“Since I started working at Arriva back in 2008, I’ve made my way around the depot. I started as a bus driver and worked in the drivers’ seat for 12 years. After over a decade I made the move to the maintenance side of the Arriva depot. Now, I work on the bus MOTs, making sure they’re safe before they hit the road.”

How has Voyager Alliance helped you?

“Saving with Voyager Alliance is so convenient. I save £100 a week and don’t even miss it because the money never goes into my bank. Saving straight from my pay has made paying for Christmas and summer holidays so easy – my partner and I don’t need to worry about how we’re going to pay for treats, as I’m always saving in the background.”

Do you have any future plans?

“I’m really looking forward to a long break in Bulgaria with my wife! After a cancellation earlier in the year, we really can’t wait to relax. It makes it all the better that our holiday spending money is safely in my Voyager Alliance savings account, ready and waiting for us!

Christmas always comes around quicker than we expect as well! Saving each payday means I have a comfort blanket ready to make Christmas magical for my family. Saving regularly takes so much pressure off, especially during summer and Christmas, the most expensive times of the year.”

What would you say to someone who is considering joining Voyager Alliance?

“Do it! Saving with Voyager Alliance each payday means I can enjoy holidays and occasions with my family, and my wife and I can also enjoy a few weekends away too!

There’s nowhere else I can save this easily straight from my pay. I’d encourage all my colleagues to join and begin saving today. Start today and then they will also have access to affordable loans if they ever needed to borrow in the future too!”

Thank you, Joe, for sharing your story!

Meeting Members

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