How to save hundreds on flights this Summer!

Did you know changing the airport you fly from for your summer holiday could save you hundreds on flights? Depending on where you live, it might be cheaper to fly from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow or Bristol instead of your closest or usual airport.

Flights from Glasgow Airport to Alicante costs £452 for a family of four, whereas flying from Newcastle Airport, on the same dates would cost £708. A family of four could also choose to fly from Edinburgh to Alicante, and save £50 per person, compared to if they departed from Newcastle Airport. Travelling just over 2 hours from Newcastle to Glasgow and Edinburgh might be worthwhile if you’re saving £256 on the cost of your summer holiday.

Savings can also be made from Scotland’s 3rd most popular airport. Flying from Aberdeen to Faro could cost you £248, compared to £636 if a family of four flew from Newcastle. A huge saving of £388!

Cardiff and Bristol Airports are just over an hour away from each other, so they give travellers extra choice when booking their holidays. Wales Online found that flying to our favourite holiday destinations from Cardiff airport costs a lot more in comparison!

Wales Online compared the price difference of flying to Tenerife in March. The average cost of flying from Cardiff Airport was £416. However, flying the same route from Bristol Airport would cost you £166. A colossal saving of over £250 per person!

If you’re making the extra journey to an airport further away from home, remember you’ll need to add the cost of petrol and airport parking into your holiday budget.

Quick tips to save money on flights

Traveling during peak times such as the summer holidays is going to be more expensive, but there are ways holidaymakers can save a few ££!

  • Check out our post on Holiday Destinations where your money will go further!
  • Research varies depending on where you look but the Daily Mail found that Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly although this does depend on the season and availability of flights. If you’re a night owl, you can try booking your flights between 12am – 3am when online books slow down. As flight ticket prices fluctuate all the time, booking throughout the night might save you some money.
  • Remember to do your research. Using flight comparison sites such as SkyScanner to compare the costs of flights is a great way to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.
  • Clear your search history to be on the safe side and make sure your flight comparison website does not use your cookies to increase the prices you see!
  • Spencer Birns, CEO at Cardiff Airport suggests booking your flights in advance to secure the lowest prices too.

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