Memories from early members

We catch up with some of our first members who joined in April 1992 and are still Voyager Alliance members today!

Martin Logan, Joined 01/04/1992:  Voyager Alliance has given me a better standard of living, and helped in difficult times by extending my credit. I have many fond memories of Voyager Alliance over the last 30 years, from my initial idea to form a credit union and the fear of starting it, the exhilaration of watching it grow and knowing we did the right thing.

Ian Robertson, joined 01/04/1992: I joined the bus industry in 1967, and worked for 55 years in continuous service. The credit union was a great way to save through payroll and over the years my savings have grown, and I’ve received good dividends. Word of mouth about the credit union from the shop floor was always good, and something we’re proud of.

David Evans, joined 01/04/1992: We formed the credit union, and it grew from there.  At the time, there wasn’t any other credit union in the Bus Industry, and in the days when it wasn’t easy to get credit, it was a good thing that helped you out financially. It’s an achievement to have set up the credit union and see it support people who were struggling.

Barrie Duggan, joined 01/04/1992: I volunteered in 1988 to help put a plan together to set up the credit union. It took a long time to get it off the ground, and I was proud when it officially launched in April 1992. Over the years, Voyager Alliance has helped me build a savings pot, with an ISA, good dividends, and I also remember launching a current account.

Paul Walsh, joined 09/04/1992:    I joined the credit union when it started at the Princess Road Depot to help to support colleagues. Over the years saving through payroll has helped me and it covered my caravan fees. Also, the credit union helped me with a loan to get a new car when I was in a car crash.  When we were at GMB South, the credit union helped out drivers, including myself, to buy extra shares in the buyout, and we made a bit of a butty on the deal, which helped me to buy my house.

Michael Johnson, joined 09/04/1992:  It was a great way to save when I first started, and in the early days it helped me with loans at better rates than banks. I could pay off my loan with my savings, which helped too.

Surinder Singh, joined 09/04/1992: I joined for the affordable loans with low interest and also the good dividends. The credit union helped me to pay off my debts and I also remember the monthly lottery.  The Penny Post Group has plans to launch a new Members Lottery in the next 12 – 18 months!

James Halliday, joined 09/04/1992: I joined because it was run by colleagues for my work mates. Voyager Alliance helped me over the years when I got into some scrapes, like replacing the washing machine, car repairs, unexpected bills.  I remember getting an Emergency loan when I got into difficulties too.  When the credit union was setup it was a brilliant achievement for colleagues and everyone at the workplace was so excited.

Stephen Bowe, joined 16/04/1992:  I joined because it was a good way to save through payroll and helped me to save money for a rainy day, like car repairs. If I asked for anything from the credit union they were happy to help and would give you peace of mind.

Doris Haslam, joined 23/04/1992: My late husband talked me in to joining as it gives insurance on my savings. (The Penny Post Group Bereavement Fund is a free benefit for all members).  The competitive loan rates were much better than what a Bank was offering, and I’ve always had a very good loyal service from the Team.

Some of early Board in new Stagecoach uniform

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